Monkeying Around At 300m

Monkeying Around At 300m

I’ve always been a massive lover of rock-climbing so when I heard about Via Ferrata in Queenstown I was intrigued. Last Saturday when I went to their office on Camp Street to get kitted out, I admittedly didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. Thankfully the front office girls and our guide, ML, were really informative and explained exactly what we would be doing.  Via ferrata means iron road in Italian and apparently, it originated in Europe as a way for farmers to easily traverse the rocky terrain. It consists of iron ‘steps’ which are fixed into the rock – basically a huge ladder up the mountain!

Photo 22-04-2017 14 43 43
A long way up

The starting point of the climb is a car park about 5 minutes outside of town but even there the views are amazing. When ML pointed out the spot we would be climbing I remained sceptical. Staring up at a vertical cliff face I was wondering if it was too late to change my mind! ML went over some safety points with us and before we knew it we were off the ground. Via Ferrata offers a variety of different routes to suit every ability. Our group only had 3 people (I think the max is 4), and we chose to do one of the harder routes – or rather, my group chose and I responded with an uncertain nodding / shaking head manoeuvre. I have to say that throughout the climb I felt very safe. You are strapped into your harness and are always attached to a safety cable that runs beside the steps. There is also a third carabiner which you can use to attach yourself to a step and take the weight off your arms if you need a rest.

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Advise for anyone giving this a go – don’t look down!

The day alternated between climbing and walking which was good as it gave you a chance to place your feet back on solid ground and catch your breath. I wouldn’t say that our climb was easy but rather it was just the right amount of a challenge. On our way up I saw some of the easier routes and they would be perfect for younger or less experienced climbers. The highlight for me was the views. Even from ground level the Queenstown mountains don’t disappoint but the higher you climb the more breath-taking it becomes. Given that I would have undoubtedly dropped my phone, ML was happy to keep it and take loads of photos. By the top of the climb we had reached 300m and I was absolutely knackered. Thankfully, the descent was just a 15 minute walk down the other side of the mountain which joins with the Queenstown Hill track. The trip lasts around 3 hours in total and it flies by! I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves climbing or wants to give it a go. I would say the climbing is easier physically than normal rock climbing and a great alternative if you want to try something a bit different! A huge thanks once again to ML for being such a great guide and to all the team at Via Ferrata for providing a great day out!

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Views from the top

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