Food So Nice, You’ll Have To Go Twice

Food So Nice, You’ll Have To Go Twice

Kia ora,

It seems fitting that my inaugural restaurant review for Girl About Queenstown should be the café I frequent on a weekly basis! Bespoke Kitchen was one of the first eateries I visited when I moved to Queenstown and it remains a firm favourite. It’s located just outside the main hustle and bustle of town and if you didn’t know what to look for you’d probably miss it. The exterior of the building is unimposing and the décor itself is rustic but this allows the outstanding food to shine through. Voted Best Café in New Zealand in 2015, the creators of Vudu Café have truly outdone themselves with Bespoke Kitchen – they do brunch the right way.

If you look up vegan restaurants in Queenstown, Bespoke is one of the first hits and, in my opinion, one of the best. Their vegan options are varied with sweet, savoury and everything in between. Whilst their main menu remains the same, their cabinet filled with desserts, sandwiches and salads changes on a daily basis – and I’ve never been disappointed! In terms of savoury options, the best thing I’ve had to date has undoubtedly been the vegan roulade which I opted for today and, whilst I’m going purely off appearances for non-vegan options, my boyfriend assures me their eggs benedict are out of this world. When it comes to Bespoke though, the proof is most definitely in the pudding. Their vegan spiced orange pancakes are heaven on a plate. When I say it’s the best vegan dish I’ve ever had, I’m really not exaggerating (anyone who knows me will roll their eyes at this statement, but I promise… they’re unreal!). I’ll let the photo speak for itself…

Photo 25-03-2017 14 10 32
A thing of beauty!

The service is quick, the food well-priced and the portions huge. I’ve learnt from my mistakes and now avoid wearing jeans when I go to Bespoke because with treats that good my eyes are always bigger than my stomach! If you’re looking for the best café in Queenstown CBD, look no further.

Photo 18-03-2017 10 13 06
A strong contender for best smoothie bowl in Queenstown
Photo 18-03-2017 10 07 06
My favourite raw blueberry tart and obligatory soy flat white

Try it out for yourself at 9 Isle Street, Queenstown.

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