Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

Since arriving in Queenstown I have been waiting impatiently to try out the Onsen Hot Pools. Not only do I love a good bath, but looking at images of the views from the pools over the Shotover River had left me green with envy. After 3 months here today was finally the day and it was easy to see why the demand is so high for this unique experience!

Waking up to -2 degrees I literally had to drag myself out of bed. I drove to the hot pools with the air con turned up full only to be met with a pathetic stream of semi-warm air (Queenstown second hand cars … enough said). When we arrived at the hot pools we saw some work going on outside which we found out was the construction of two new massage rooms. There was a little noise from the drill but as soon as we got downstairs it wasn’t noticeable. We were given a jug of water on arrival, which turned out to be a life saver so I urge you to accept the offer, and the most amazing passion fruit scented candle! We then headed to the pools. You get your own private pool with a maximum of 4 people per room. There are benches and hooks to hang up your clothes and a shower in the corner. The first thing you notice when you walk in is, without a doubt, the view. The Shotover River once again left me enchanted!

Photo 01-05-2017 09 54 18


Luckily by the time we had arrived the weather had picked up and although it was still freezing, the sky was clear and the view outstanding. The water was hot but not uncomfortably so and there is an option to add cold water as well as a button which controls the retractable roof. Once we had settled in and opened up the roof we were able to really appreciate the views. The snow-capped mountains, crystal blue water and occasional jet boat whizzing past coupled with a silence interrupted only by the sounds of nature, made for a truly unforgettable experience. When I first arrived, I thought I could stay there for hours but in hindsight I think the 60 minute slots are just perfect. Before we knew it, our buzzer was ringing which signalled the end of the most relaxing bath I have ever taken.

Photo 01-05-2017 09 54 30

I am so glad to have finally gotten to experience all the Onsen Hot Pools have to offer. The concept is simple and it is executed so well. The staff were friendly and welcoming, the pool area was clean and tidy and the whole experience was top notch! I would highly recommend this activity to singles, couples, friends or families – but be sure to book in advance so you don’t miss out!

Photo 01-05-2017 10 24 02

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