Tackling Tiki

Tackling Tiki

Queenstown, like most of New Zealand, is spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful walks and hiking trails. Living right beside the lake I often take a dander down to the Frankton Trail to walk beside the water. A few weeks ago, I was feeling more adventurous so I did a quick search for Queenstown walks and happened upon the Tiki Trail. Now, whilst I would say I enjoy the odd walk or two, I’m certainly no avid rambler. According to the website the Tiki Trail is moderately difficulty and should take around one hour all in. Spoiler alert – it was neither moderate nor one hour in duration. In saying that though it’s worth doing and you’ll soon see why!

The trail starts at the bottom of the Skyline Gondola. The incline is steep from the get go and the first 20 minutes or so are probably the most difficult. Despite my lungs feeling like they were going to burst and my heart literally beating a mile a minute, the hike through the forest was very refreshing. We passed some other people along the way but for the most part it was just ourselves, the trees and probably hundreds of possums. About half way up we came to a clearing with the most breath-taking views of Queenstown I have seen to date. From this awesome vantage point you can see Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables and we were lucky enough to have the autumn sun on our side which made the view like a postcard.

Photo 08-04-2017 10 46 22
Postcard material!
Photo 08-04-2017 13 50 03

After an impromptu photo shoot we headed back into the forest and continued uphill. The Tiki Trail winds upwards criss-crossing with the Queenstown Track used by mountain bikers.  Take a minute to watch them fly past at top speed but watch your step to avoid a collision! Eventually we arrived at the top of the trail, red-faced and out of breath but feeling very accomplished. At the top we were greeted with the smiling faces of the cool, calm and collected gondola goers who had raced up the hill in 5 minutes and I can only imagine what they were thinking when they saw me emerge from the bushes.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to give luging a go so we just spent some time taking in the view. After a quick 5 minute debate on the merits of walking back down rather than taking the easy option of the gondola, we began our descent. The views from the top are still outstanding but if you’re after amazing photos of Lake Wakatipu I recommend hiking up to the first vantage where there are infinitely less people around. The walk down was of course much more pleasant and as it was getting towards mid-day we passed a lot more people. Throughout the whole descent we were asked ‘how far to the top?’ and my response remained the same ‘not too much further’. Something tells me the guy in the car park wasn’t convinced by my answer…

Photo 08-04-2017 11 22 04
Can’t complain about the view from the top

All in all it took us around two hours to get up and down the trail, with a 20 minute rest at the top. If you’re after a moderate hike, and I’m using this term loosely, with great views of Queenstown then this is the one for you! And if the ascent sounds a bit too challenging then you can always take the gondola up and walk back down. Despite the fact that my calves, knees and ankles would disagree, I have to say that Tiki is definitely a trail worth tackling!


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